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Health Insurance

Do I need health insurance? What is the difference between deductible and co-insurance? You can apply for insurance through the marketplace...

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Employee Benefits

Offering employee benefits is a great way to attract and maintain quality staff, but depending on the size of your business it may also be the law.

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Medicare Coverage

Medicare is the Federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with you qualify?

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Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is going to cost you so it’s important to factor how much you spend per year at the dentist vs. what a policy will cost you and save you.

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Life Insurance

If a tragic accident unexpectedly took your life, would your family be able to pay the mortgage, go to college, and keep up with all monthly bills?

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Long Term Care

What is long term Care insurance? How much of a benefit do I really need? What do Activities of Daily Living Mean? What is an elimination period?

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Homeowner Insurance

Your home is your most valuable possession, but is your investment properly protected with the right homeowners’ insurance policy?

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Auto Insurance

According to State Law, drivers must maintain Florida Auto Insurance coverage on every vehicle with four or more wheels.

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Flood Insurance

In Florida homeowners’ insurance policies do NOT include flood coverage, meaning your home could be susceptible even if you don’t live in a flood zone.

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Business Insurance

One claim or lawsuit can bankrupt a company. Having the right protection in place is essential. Be sure to be prepared...

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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation coverage provides coverage to your employees (or the employee’s family) for a job-related injury...

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Disability Insurance

Almost everyone needs some type of disability insurance. If you suddenly became disabled, could you still meet your financial obligations?

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